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Utilizing Twitter in Your Recruitment

With the NCAA announcing last week the extension of the recruiting dead period until after April 15th, the opportunity for underclassmen to receive contact from college coaches feels further away than ever. During this challenging and confusing time of recruiting, Level Up would like to be there for you and assist you as best as possible during this process, when you may not know the next steps towards being proactive. Follow these simple steps on twitter that will help YOU stand out as an athlete and get in front of recruiters across america.

Twitter updates- I would like you all to start thinking about your twitter page as a LinkedIn profile and an extension of your mobile resume. You want to represent yourself among the 1%er’s. Less than 4% of HS athletes go on to play college football and less than 1% Play Division 1. If you want to be considered in such an elite group, make the commitment to attack the recruiting process with a full head of steam.

The first thing we want to update on Twitter is your bio. This should include ALL information a coach wants on you!

Name | Class of Position | School | ACT | GPA | (Multisport athlete if you play multiple sports) | Accolades (40 time, shuttle, vert, all-conference, etc) | Level Up

Ex. Flynn Heald | ‘12 WR | CR Wash | 26 ACT | 3.46 GPA | Multi-Sport Athlete | 4.6 40, 4.0 Shuttle, 32’ Vert., All-Conference/All-State | Level Up (ELITE/GOLD)

  • This will provide all the adequate information a college coach needs to OFFER you a scholarship! DO NOT FORGET YOUR GRADES! Without the proper GPA (2.7 for D1), no scholarship is committable.

  • Add your fall season highlights to your profile, so a hyperlink to your highlights is easily accessible. Another thing you can do to help yourself with this is pin your tweeted highlight to your page, making it the top post on your page when recruiters are scrolling through.

  • HOMEWORK: Tag 5 college coaches in your highlight film! This is the easiest way to PROACTIVELY communicate with the schools you are interested in and push your relationship with that school in the right direction. If a college coach gives you a follow or you profile a school that fits your ability, tag those schools for a higher success rate!

  • Ensure an adequate picture is used for your profile! If you want a football picture as your background that is fine. Most of these schools do not know what your face looks like from watching you on film. Making sure you have a visible head shot is crucial for the evaluation process. When you go to camp in front of these coaching staffs, you will want them to have familiarity with you. If you don't have a head shot, they wont know who you are before the camp, and we want you to have every advantage through this process.

  • If you have any questions about the above information, please don't hesitate to reach out!

If you found this information valuable, share the blog and subscribe for more information to help you Level Up on, and off the field. We hope to provide athletes with the best platform and source of information on how to capitalize on the recruiting process and maximize your exposure. We know the COVID situation isn’t ideal for a HS athlete in the recruiting process, however, remember athletes -- Tough times don't last, but tough people do. LEVEL UP!

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