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Control Your Controllables

As we enter the tail end of 2020, it feels like a good time to reflect. We have seen so many challenges and adversity this year I don’t even know where to begin - From COVID-19 and social injustices to the financial crisis and a presidential election, it feels like everyone has had their fair share of anxiety and doubt about the world around us … which in a lot of cases leads to anxiety and doubt in oneself. But as I sit here and list out these things I really begin to ask myself, how much of this is in my control? Today I want to talk about controlling what we can control in our lives and how having this mindfulness can help you diminish anxiety and disbelief in yourself.

This is an important topic to me because my whole adolescent life, I created a lot of doubt and uncertainty in myself through focusing on things outside of my control. For example, how much playing time I got, what girls liked me or didn’t like me, how tall I would be, why I couldn’t lift more than someone - the list goes on. I allowed doubt to creep into my mind because I focused on things entirely out of my control. I couldn’t dictate how much weight so and so lifted, but I could control my effort in the weight room everyday to get stronger. I couldn’t stretch myself and magically get taller, but I could control how my attitude was about my stature and master the movements for my body type. It's this practice of focusing on your thoughts and working towards self improvement that I want our athletes to use to get rid of unnecessary stress/anxiety.

Ask yourself - What do you truly have control of? That’s your attitude and your effort. What can’t we control? Other people's opinions, and ultimately the outcome of their decisions. At the end of the day, none of us are built the same. We were all dealt a different hand from day one, but it's how you choose to handle it that determines your quality of life. Put forth your best effort to consistently achieve at a high level, have a positive attitude about yourself and the people around you, spend time reflecting on your good and bad habits, and always look to Level Up. In doing this, athletes, it will help you conquer your goals and rid of any self doubt holding you back from reaching your full potential.

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