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3 Post Workout Recovery Foods

I hope all the athletes reading this today found a way to get a workout in, however and wherever you were able to. Whether it was as simple as yoga and foam rolling, or as complex as an AMRAP or an insane WOD, you worked towards your goals and leveled up.

Today we’re talking about recovery -- specifically post workout fuel options. We should always be looking for ways to decrease our recovery time allowing us to get in more repetitions to become better at our craft. In my early years of training (8th grade summer/ freshman year) my only understanding of post exercise nutrition was that I needed protein and needed it fast following a workout. Probably spent too much money on low quality protein brands with fillers and additives that left a void in recovery and didn’t make me feel good. But what I didn't understand was there are also so many other great macro and micronutrients to consume after a workout. These are 3 foods that I now use post workout. They’ve allowed me to save money on expensive supplements, not worry about an upset stomach, and fight inflammation giving my body a better chance to recover faster.

1. Watermelon - I know what you’re probably thinking, watermelon is a fruit, it doesn't have any protein so how could it be good for me post workout? A major contributor to recovery is hydration and watermelon replenishes that in abundance. It contains potassium which is an essential electrolyte lost in our sweat during workouts. Watermelon is also great because it has an Amino Acid called L-citrulline which helps in protein synthesis.

2. Eggs - Not only are they loaded with protein to help repair muscle tissue but they have all 9 essential amino acids as well. The best part about eggs is the affordability when compared to buying protein powder. In just 2 eggs, you can get 13 grams of protein. If you don't already, add eggs to your grocery list for the month and you’re still not paying the protein supplement cost of $50-$100/month.

3. Sweet Potatoes - A lot of nutrients lost in sweat during workout need to be replenished and what better way then with a healthy and wholesome sweet potato. Loaded with complex carbs, fiber, potassium and other important nutrients, sweet potatoes can be a huge game changer in replenishing your body's nutrients lost after a workout. Try the Jamacian sweet potato if you don't like them too sweet.

Each one of these foods can serve a unique purpose in the recovery process. In no way are these supposed to replace a regular diet, however they are recommended “super foods” to give you the advantage over your competition! Remember, protein is extremely important after workouts, but so are other nutrients. Each one of these foods is worth a try. Whether you are looking to recover quicker between workouts or add a new food into your post workout routine, Level Up your recovery with these 3 foods!

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