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I'm a Certified trainer & performance specialist in West Des Moines, IA. I'm also a former division 1 wide receiver at William & Mary where I received a Bachelor's degree in kinesiology. After graduating from school as a 2X Conference Champion & getting my coaching license, I had a vision to use my passion for working out and coaching the game of football to create Level Up. 


As a Certified Trainer, my goal is to provide the athletes with a premium program built around explosiveness, agility, speed, mobility & skill-specific movements. I believe everybody's an athlete. Whether your goal is division 1 athletics, making the varsity squad, or just starting out, everybody can 

Level Up.



I’m a sales rep for Stryker Sports Medicine and a football coach in West Des Moines, IA. I played football at the University of Iowa (SS) and at Colorado Mesa University (RB), where I received All-American honors. In addition, earned a Bachelor’s and Master’s degree in Sports Management.


As the Director of Development, it is my mission to mentor athletes and provide opportunities through the game of football to enhance community outreach, and provide a platform for youth and high school athletes to Level Up.




I am an independent consultant in digital marketing and work with small to medium-sized businesses specializing in sports and entertainment. I played football at Simpson College and learned after two years, it wasn't for me. From there I focused my efforts on getting internships in a variety of industries to then graduate from Simpson with a degree in Public Relations and Management Information Systems. I've since worked as the Executive Producer for a morning television show on the CW, developed several small businesses, and most importantly ... accepted the role as Director of Operations for Level Up.

As the Director of Operations, my job is to help make things run smoothly behind the scenes. My primary function is developing our umbrella of brands which includes Level Up Athletic Performance, Level Up Fighting, Level Up DSM and Level Up YCP.

level up programs

FAST is our most popular in-person program so we wanted to bring it to you. It focuses on increasing your quickness, acceleration, running mechanics and top-end speed. Speed is the best way to Level Up.

The Level Up Athlete program is designed for athletes with weight training experience. It combines bodyweight and resistance training focused on explosiveness, skill training, conditioning, core, and recovery. All exercises made to help you Level Up.


Level Up Bigs program is made for our big and tall athletes. This is focused on gaining body control and leveraging your size for competition through mobility, explosive strength, and footwork. Built for the bigs to Level Up.


The Adult Beginner program is a bodyweight program used as a building block for your fitness goals. We prepare the body to excel at a fast, but manageable pace through emphasis on technique and flexibility to avoid injury. Age is no reason not to Level Up.


The Adult Advanced program is built for adult athletes who have already built their foundation. This provides all the necessary tools to bring you closer to your fitness goals. Whether its competitive league, or physique and performance, be ready to Level Up.

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